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With nearly a decade of successful technology engagements, and an exceptional client base, NAZM continues to seek ways to bring greater value to our clients. We have built a solid reputation as one of the UAE`s best machine vision products providers.

•  We supply high quality Cameras, Lenses and accessories for the Machine Vision System.

• NAZM has built its reputation as being a preferred partner with the leading vendors and                    established its name as a value added agents and stock its of machine vision and industrial                equipment and accessories. 

• With many years of demonstrated experience, contacts and association especially in the field of          industrial sourcing and supply we could assist the companies, project procurement departments        and individuals to meet their requirement objectives by giving the best possible timely service with    our quality products.

• NAZM has spread its roots all over GCC including UAE, apart from Egypt and African continent to      cater almost all industries where our Products, Services and Supports are required.


Regus Sharjah
Mega Mall Tower
Sharjah 39905                   
United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 (6) 598 5144               
Fax: +971 (6) 598 5101