The lens is one of the most important parts of the Machine Vision system.
Industrial cameras need specially designed lenses to get the high quality images. 
Our portfolio includes high quality FA and Machine Vision lenses suitable the
sensors currently available in the market. Our experienced technical team
provide free consulting to assure that you purchase the right lenses for your
Machine Vision system.

Lens Types

Fixed focus lenses (C,C-Mount Lenses)

The most common type of lens used in machine vision application is a fixed focal length lens.

Most of the machine vision applications with a fixed object size and working distance.

Fixed focal length designed for industrial purposes offers an accurate image. 

S-Mount Lenses

Lenses with a M12x0.5mm thread are officially called S-Mount lenses, though “M12 lenses” or simply “board lenses” is more commonly used, as they are often used with board cameras. They are the most common “mini lenses”.

CCTV Lenses

Configure your camera with the modular concept

- Vari-Focal Lenses
- Motorized Zoom Lenses
- NIR Fixed-Focal Lenses


Filters are useful in machine vision applications and filters can improve the image quality. Filters help enhance colors, reduce incoming light, minimize reflections and glare

- Colored filters
- UV/IR filters
- Polarisation filters
- Grey filters
- Daylight cut filters
- Bandpass filters

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